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No Place to Run (KGI #2) Review

Book: No Place to Run (KGI #2)

by Maya Banks

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction, Military


2Sam Kelly was her first love.

The last person Sam Kelly expected to pull wounded from the lake was Sophie Lundgren. Once they shared a brief, intense affair while Sam was undercoverand then she vanished. She’s spent the last months on the run, knowing that any mistake would cost her life and that of her unborn child—Sam’s child. Now she’s resurfaced with a warning for Sam: this time, he’s the one in danger.

Now he’s her last chance.

Sam has too many questions to let her slip away again—like why she disappeared in the first place. This time he vows not to be seduced. But one look in her eyes, and the passion burns again, and Sam knows he’ll do anything to keep her and his child safe. However, Sophie’s dark past is more dangerous than he imagines, and the only way for either to survive it is to outrun it.

Maya BanksAbout the author : Maya Banks is the #1 New York Times, #1 USA Today and international bestselling author of over 50 novels. A wife and mother of three, she lives in Texas.

My Thoughts 


Firstly I can is that I absolutely loved this book! This book had more raw emotion and suspense and the sex scenes was HOT. The book started off good with hot sex. This book was a great read with a lot more action than the first book. This book held my attention better than the first one. Normally when I start a series I love the first book of the series and find the rest of the series less to my liking but looks like this series does the total opposite for me.

“I know this woman.”
“Who the hell is she?”
He stared both his brothers down. “She’s mine.”

While undercover with the KGI group in Mexico, Sam has a fling with a blond,  beautiful waitress Sophie Lundgren. Circumstances makes them reluctantly depart but little did Sam know that he will be finding her floating in a lake near his house. Five months late and the kicker to that is that she is pregnant with his child. She went there for his safety, she needed it, because her family was going after her and her baby’s life.  Instinctively Sam wants to protect her, but he needs to know what he’s up against. Will Sophie trust him enough to reveal all about her troubled past? Can the spark that’s still there between them develop into something long lasting? And will Sophie’s connection to some very dangerous men bring trouble to not only Sam, but his extended family?

“Oh no. Hell no. I’m not asking Ma for one of her bras. That’s just…wrong.”… “Your woman. You do it.”…” You go. We’ll pay for your therapy later.”

Sam’s family was in danger because of what Sophie did, but Sophie did the unthinkable to protect Sam’s mother. (YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOK TO UNDERSTAND!) I myself love Marlene. She one amazing mother and Sophie need’s a mother like Marlene in her life. Sophie had one of the worst farther’s in history and if I had a farther like Sophie then I would have needed years full of therapy!  Good thing she’s got Mama bear Marlene Kelly to offer her some mothering… This series is getting better with each book and I cannot wait to read about grumpy old Garrett. Does this story have a HEA? Hell yes! I was smiling at the end of the book.

“I love you, Sophie. I can’t tell you at what moment I fell in love with you. Maybe it was the first time I looked across the bar in Mexico and there you were. Maybe it was the first time we made love. Or maybe it was watching you fight for our child. And then for my mother. It doesn’t matter. I love you . That’s it. That’s all. I hope to hell it’s enough.” Her heart squeezed. She’d always tried to imagine what it would be like to here those words. To know that she was loved. Nothing had come close. There was so much joy. It hurt. It shouldn’t hurt, but she felt too small for her skin, like she’d burst right out of it.

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