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Review: Red Blooded


Red Blooded
by Caitlin Sinead

Publication: August 3rd 2015
Publisher:Carina Press
Genre:New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
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Instead of eating ramen and meeting frat guys like most college freshmen, Peyton Arthur is on the campaign trail. Traveling with her mother, the Democratic pick for vice president, she’s ordering room service, sneaking glances at cute campaign intern Dylan and deflecting interview questions about the tragic loss of her father. But when a reporter questions her paternity, her world goes into a tailspin.

Dylan left Yale and joined the campaign to make a difference, not keep tabs on some girl. But with the paternity scandal blowing up and Peyton asking questions, he’s been tasked to watch her every move. As he gets to know the real Peyton, he finds it harder and harder to keep a professional distance.

When the media demands a story, Peyton and Dylan give them one—a fake relationship. As they work together to investigate the rumors about her real father and Peyton gets closer to learning the truth, she’s also getting closer to Dylan. And suddenly, it’s not just her past on the line anymore. It’s her heart.

72,000 words

review4 Rating
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This is one book that I really enjoyed. It was sexy, full of emotions, hot, intriguing and full of mysteries. I normally hate books that are political but I actually enjoyed this book a lot.

This book is about a eighteen year old named Peyton whose mother is running for VP and her father who died a couple of years ago. Her father being a good author wrote his biography on his dying breath and that book brought Peyton and her mom into the spotlight. In this book people started asking questions if he was really Peyton’s farther because she does not look at all like him.

This book is part romance(which I love ), part mystery about her farther and politics. Peyton struggles with all the accusations while supporting her mother and everyone is watching her every move especially the media so they decided to assign Dylan to watch over her.  Dylan seems to get Peyton(he understood sheer more than anyone) and he is also young, funny and cute which leads up to something between Peyton and Dylan. The only problem is he is very committed to this campaign and does not want anything to hurt it, that includes dating the VP’s daughter!

What I loved is that the relationship between Peyton and Dylan didn’t feel rushed. The relationship build stronger each day and I really wanted them to get together. The characters development was very good. Peyton was level headed and curious about her past and had very adorable quirks like being addicted to gummy bears. When ever a new chapter started the author extracted a piece out of “Peyton’s farthers book” which means we saw her in a different light as well. I love seeing how others see the heroine in a way that she would never see herself as. We also got to know the farther in this book which means reading about his death made it more heartbreaking. This book has sex in but not a lot and not so explicitly described but I did really enjoy it and it was a real light and wash read in the NA genre! This was a perfect page turner and I would tell you to get your hands on this book because you will enjoy it a lot! Trust me! I really felt for Peyton and how she was trying to figure everything out at such a young age. She really did need Dylan but it took a lot of struggle to get to where they are now.

About the author

7362026I am represented by Andrea Somberg at Harvey Klinger, Inc. and my debut novel, Heartsick, will be published by Carina Press in 2015. My writing has appeared (or is forthcoming) in multiple publications including The Alarmist, The Binnacle, Crunchable, Jersey Devil Press, and Northern Virginia Magazine. I earned a master’s degree in writing from Johns Hopkins University in 2011 and have also studied writing at the College of William and Mary and Yale University. I currently work as an editorial manager and continue to keep an eye out for good stories.

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