Conversations with Craig Lanaghan

I really want to read this book. Especially because right now I’m in a book slump:( which I obviously hate!

One King’s Way Teaser

OKW Teaser 2

“I believe that there is something beautiful about every woman, so when I say they’re gorgeous, or they’re beautiful, I do mean it.”

I liked that. But I wasn’t convinced it wasn’t a line. “You’re a connoisseur of women,” I guessed, curling my top lip at the thought. “You know just the right thing to say.”

His eyes were drawn to my mouth and I shivered at the naked thoughts in his gaze. “I just say what I feel in the moment,” His gaze flicked back up to my eyes, “Right now I’m thinking you have the most luscious fucking mouth I’ve ever seen in my life.”

—Craig Lanaghan, One King’s Way ( An On Dublin Street Novella)


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