Monthly TBR: August 2015


So my TBR pile just keeps getting more and I’m finding it very hard to choose what to read next. I hate that I can’t choose what to read next…..I managed to read all my titles on my July TBR, so I decided to make a new one for August. I might end up reading completely different titles, but we’ll see how it goes this month!

Advanced Readers Copys

22097777 23907274 24331496 25144660 25409656 25721926

Want to Read This Month!

23018949 23245394 24374564 24358772

Alright I’m going to stop it there. I can say it might change and I might read more than this but this is what I’m planning to read this month. I already started with Cowboy RedemptionI’m about 64% done with the book. I’m taking longer to read this book because I find it real hard to get into this book. So far that book is getting 2.5 rating out of me; lets see if the rating will go up. Also I won’t read these book in that order, it always depends on my moods so the order might change and I might not even read these books this month though I am planning to read these books.


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