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Review: Rowdy (Marked Men #5) by Jay Crownover

RowdyRowdy (Marked Men #5) 
by Jay Crownover
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: December 4, 2014
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Paperback
Source: N/A


It’s not about your first love, but the first love you fight for… The fifth book in the scorching hot NEW YORK TIMES bestselling MARKED MEN New Adult series.

After his first broken heart, Rowdy St. James decided he was going to do everything in his power to live up to his nickname:life was all about the good times. But when a ghost from the past appears, she makes him question everything he thought he knew about love.

Salem Cruz grew up in a house with too many rules – and no fun allowed. She left it all behind as soon as she could, but she never forgot the sweet, blue-eyed boy next door who’d been in love with her little sister. Now, Salem is determined to show Rowdy he picked the wrong sister all those years ago.

As their relationship heats up, Rowdy starts to let his heart go – until the one person who could drive them apart shows up again.

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5+ Rating

“For the first time in my entire life I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.”

First off all I absolutely loved this book! I was so excited to read this book and it sucked that I kept putting it down to read my ARC’S for my blog tours. Anyway I thought that Salem and Rowdy was one hot couple and this book had it all. I loved Salem’s out going spirit. One thing that I love about the Marked Men series is that you fall in love with a new character each time! I actually thought that Rowdy was the quietest of the bunch of the group that you would think that there wont be a huge past but that is so not true. This story moved me a lot! Rowdy is now one of my favorite books to date in the Marked Men series because I adored Salem! This book was more than a story. This book is about a second chance for love but also about Rowdy learning to overcome his past and not to fear the future he deserved. Jay Crownover is fantastic at what she does, and that is bringing out the vulnerable, real side to this tatted up crew.

I said this before but I adored Salem. Salem has so much confidence and class. I loved the look she had as well, I could just picture her in my minds eye. I liked that Salem was older than Rowdy, she had a past she wasn’t proud of but she took responsibility for her actions and she was hell bent on making it up to Rowdy. She wasn’t planning on giving up on Rowdy, not again. She wanted him in her life because she was the best part of her past. Even though Salem had so much confidence, she was still just as vulnerable on the inside and she did worry that she had caused too much pain for Rowdy to enable him to forgive her. Salem made sure she was there for Rowdy when he needed it…. you will have to read the book to understand. At the same time Salem didn’t compromise in who she was and I loved that she believed in herself, there was history with her sister and Rowdy but Salem believed in her self-worth and that is a trait I love to see in heroines.


Now Rowdy oozed sex appeal. I did not think I will like Rowdy so much but I actually loved him. The guy just knows how to sneak under a persons skin. Also trust me a cowboy hat can do wonders for him :p! Rowdy was so much more complex than what I thought he would be. I always thought he would be an easy going guy and he is but he also had a very hard past. Like always I want to thank Phil for helping him to become the man he is now and also thanks to Phil he once again brought Salem back into Rowdy’s life!  Phil might not have called her to come work at the tattoo shop but he was the one who recommended her.  As always, I love the incorporation of the previous characters we know and love. The crowd is growing, moving on and moving up. I love the family they have created and each one of them protected Rowdy fiercely. I also love that  there was a bit more incorporation with Asa, I think I’m going to really like his book. I have a feeling Asa’s book is going to knock it out of the park!

“I’ve heard you say my name in a lot of ways, Salem. Gotta say hearing you say it in bed when I’m about to eat you up is probably my favorite to date.”

I also loved that a few new characters appeared in this book. I really can’t wait to see what will happen to them. I hope that each one of them will get a story even though Asa’s story is the last book in this series I still know that the Saints Of Denver will be a spin off series of Marked Men so I hope they will get their own stories. This book  was engrossing and I really wanted Rowdy to find happiness. I loved his slicked back style and he and Salem make one stunning couple. There were so many elements that made up his story but at no point did it feel overcrowded or stretched thin. Like always Jay Crownover written another master piece and I can not wait for Asa! I think I’m going to love his Southern Charm! Once again If it’ wasn’t for Phil; Rowdy wouldn’t have found such an amazing family or maybe he wouldn’t have found Salem again!

Phil Donovan wanted his family safe and loved, and putting Salem squarely in my path was his last gift to me before he had passed on. Clever bastard.”


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About the author

Jay Crownover I’m supposed to share interesting details about myself so that my readers get to know me so here we go in no particular order: I’m an natural redhead even though I haven’t seen my real hair color in years, I’m a big fan of tattoos and have a half sleeve on either arm and various other pieces all over the place, I’ve been in the bar industry since I was in college and it has always offered interesting insight into how men and women interact with each other, I have 3 dogs that are all crazy, I live in Colorado and love the snow, I love music and in all reality wish I could be a rock star not a writer or a bartender but I have zero talent so there is that.I love to write, love to read and all I’m interested in is a good story with interesting characters that make the reader feel something.
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Jay Crownover
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3 thoughts on “Review: Rowdy (Marked Men #5) by Jay Crownover

  1. Great review! Rowdy is my favorite one in the series. I didn’t think I would like Rowdy as much as I did because he seemed so laid back, but he surprised me and now I love him. Salem is my favorite girl out of all the girls. She’s so bold and she was a great balance for Rowdy’s easy-going personality. Then there were the new characters. I’m so excited for the spin-off series to see how their lives play out. Hope you enjoy Asa!


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