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Blog Tour with Review & Giveaway of Shifter: City of Wolves by Avery Burch


I’m so excited to be able to bring you the Blog Tour for Avery Burch’s SHIFTER: CITY OF WOLWES!! Here you will see my review to this book!

25823950Shifter: City of Wolves

Avery Burch
Publication date: Summer 2015
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Xpresso Book Tours


She’s an elite. He’s a wolf and an outcast. Their forbidden passion will move worlds.

Everyone knows that wolves love with a passion that can be dangerous. They imprint on a woman and never let her go. From the moment they love their female, they will kill for her, and die for her.

Lyla is more than rich. She’s one of The Elite, a paranormal class that rules society with an iron fist. She arrives in Manhattan to begin training as an enforcer.

Zac is an orphan, an outcast, and a shifter. Turning into a wolf is an unforgivable crime in the elite regime. Enforcers hunt down and kill anyone who can shift.

When Zac and Lyla meet, they know love is hopeless, but their powerful attraction is simply too great. Fighting to overcome the ruthlessness of their society, Zac and Lyla learn that true love can overcome any obstacle, but not without dire consequences.

Shifter: City of Wolves is the first book in a paranormal romance series that features passionate romance, intensely real emotion, supernatural powers, and forbidden shifter love.

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3 Rating*Advanced Readers Copy received in exchange for an honest review*

First off I normally do not like any dystopia books so I was very scared to read this book. This book felt so much like Hunger Games though with so many aspects of elite and normal classes. In this book the normal are classed as ordinary people and shifters. Even though the shifters are seen as trash. Like I said before I don’t normally enjoy dystopia books but this was a good book. I did enjoy this dystopia book more than I thought I would and that is why it deserves a 3 heart rating.

Now what is this book about actually? This is about a shifter named Zac who hasn’t gone through his first shift yet. He decided to head to New York after the death of his farther. He went with his good friend, Jason. This is where he meets Layla. The very moment he laid eyes on her, he was drawn to her and he began looking around New York for her.

Layla is one of the elite but she lives in her own cage most of her life. She is betrothed to her uncle since becoming of age and his been keeping a close eye over since then. Oswald thinks marrying her will boost his status, enabling him to become a leader in this ‘new’ world; a world without shifters…. Now first of all this story was a little slow to start with and reminded me of a young adult book but later it started heating up.

Though there were a few things I did not like…. I did not like how Zac become after he found Layla. He just had Layla on his head the entire time, even though people were dying all around them. This book had the “instant – love” theme through the entire book. Now sometimes I just did not understand the timing of certain things. For example if you are in the middle of a purge, with people being killed all around you, you suddenly feel the urge to give or receive a blowjob between the two. I mean really that is certainly not the time for that! One more thing I did not like the naiveté of Layla, it was okay in the beginning but later on in this book it just become very annoying!

Anyway I did enjoy this book with all the different characters and I enjoyed the action parts. The author did describe the action parts wonderfully and I could picture it all in my mind’s eye like a movie. I can say that the villains was wonderfully written especially Oswald. This is my first book of Avery and I am intrigued to see how the other books are in this series.


About the author

Avery Burch is a hot new paranormal romance author and her series, Shifter: City of Wolves is going to have a huge impact. She writes chilling tales of shifters and heart-wrenching stories of love and lust. If you like your romance spicy, your shifters sexy, your love stories intense, and your heroines passionate, then her books are for you.
She lives in Toronto, Canada.

Website | Facebook |Twitter |  Goodreads


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