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Review: Asa (Marked Men #6) by Jay Crownover

19516814Asa (Marked Men #6) by Jay Crownover
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: 7 May 2015
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Paperback
Source: N/A


The sixth book in the scorching hot NEW YORK TIMES bestselling MARKED MEN New Adult series

Royal Hastings has been a cop, first and foremost, for most of her adult life. So when a call-out goes wrong and her partner ends up in hospital, she finds herself suspended from the job, indefinitely. With too much time on her hands and a heavy load of guilt weighing her down, she seeks solace in oblivion – otherwise known as a golden-eyed bartender with a rap sheet as long as her arm.

Asa Cross has spent his live on the wrong side of the law, but a near death experience has left him rebuilding his life and relationships. But being good is tougher than it seems – especially when being bad looks as good as Royal does.

On paper, the cop and the con seemed doomed to heartbreak – but when love has stolen your heart, how can you walk away?

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5+ Rating

“It was obvious the path to every decadent sin led right through Asa Cross, and man oh man, did I want to race down it.”

First off all let me tell you I loved this book! This is also my favorite book of this series! So this makes me sad to write this review not because I didn’t love it but because this is the last book in the series…. This is one of my favorite series and I can’t help it but feel emotional that it’s the end of the series. I think Jay Crownover saved the best for last. From the moment Asa was introduced I hoped that he would get his own turn with the book. I was really happy that he got paired up with his Royal because I think they would be fantastic together. Trust me when I tell you that Crownover delivered a perfect conclusion to this series, this book was sexy and heartfelt full of trust, forgiveness and redemption.

Now you never have thought that this book would be good. I mean this book had an unlikely pairing with the sexy Southern Charmer who is an ex-criminal with the gorgeous and feisty cop. Asa always felt the intense guilt and self-loathing about his past and he just never seen the good in himself, he thought he would mess up again. If you remember he got arrested in Rowdy and he did not even tell Royal and her partner he did nothing wrong….  He thought he deserved to be sent to prison even though he didn’t commit any crime. Asa’s past was selfish and dangerous but with his near death experience made him change his ways. Now Asa lived a simple live and he did not believe he deserved anything better. Not even happiness or anything good. What pulled at my heartstrings was his remorse with his sister and I truly believed that he would done anything to make amends with her.


Now Royal is no stranger to guilt or self-blame because of what happened to her partner. She thought that it was her fault that he got shot. She started to drown her sorrows in alcohol and she wanted Asa even though she knew it is one dangerous ideas. Unfortunately for Royal, Asa did not accept any attempts at throwing herself at him. Asa is now saint so he could not force her away forever. While I hated how Asa saw himself, I was still glad how he helped Royal overcome her self-condemnation and doubts her job. I loved how she saw all the goodness in Asa. She wanted to help him get over his past and she want him to see the goodness in him. Now let me tell you the chemistry between Asa and Royal was definitely off the charts. Asa could have charmed the pants off just about anyone. Now let me tell you that Asa stole my heart especially when I saw the relationships with Rome and Ayden, not to even mention how he has a desire to protect Royal from getting hurt.  As in typical Jay Crownover fashion, she makes sure that you would fall in love with another one of her marked men. I love all the Marked Men! I can say that this book was a perfect ending to the series.

“Asa was a beautiful man when he was wearing worn jeans and an old T-shirt; naked and angry, he looked like an ancient Greek god visiting amongst us mere humans.”

Royal may be one of my favorite character from this series. I loved that she is such a tough cookie even when she was starting to spiral out of control and I can tell you the weakness for “bad boys” isn’t actually a flaw because if she had no weakness to bad boys then she would never have gone after Asa. Asa is what she needed to heal and she is actually what he needed they just did not know it in the beginning. Royal healed Asa in just the perfect way. One person nearly broke them both apart, and that person is very close to Royal but once again I want to thank Ayden for fixing it in her special way.

This book can be read as a standalone but trust me you would want to read the entire series! Each book has such a fresh feeling but I loved reading about the other characters how they all reappeared in the stories.  I am dying to read the Saints of Denver series…. I really want more especially after I have read all of Jay’s books. I will now automatically buy her books even if I have never even read the blurbs of her books and have no idea what they are about because I loved all her books so far. All her books are steamy and makes my toes curl with all the sexiness! Marked Men are what dreams are made of!!! 😛

“He kissed me like he wanted to tell me things with his lips and tongue that he couldn’t say with words.”


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