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Blog Tour with Review & Giveaway: Reawakened Secrets by Mari Denae


I’m so excited to be able to bring you the Blog Tour for Mari Denae’s REAWAKENED SECRETS!! Here you will see my review to this book!


Reawakened Secrets by Mari Denae
(Reawakened #1)
Publication date: October 26th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Xpresso Book Tours


She’s an elite. He’s a wolf and an outcast. Their forbidden passion will move worlds.

Everyone knows that wolves love with a passion that can be dangerous. They imprint on a woman and never let her go. From the moment they love their female, they will kill for her, and die for her.

Lyla is more than rich. She’s one of The Elite, a paranormal class that rules society with an iron fist. She arrives in Manhattan to begin training as an enforcer.

Zac is an orphan, an outcast, and a shifter. Turning into a wolf is an unforgivable crime in the elite regime. Enforcers hunt down and kill anyone who can shift.

When Zac and Lyla meet, they know love is hopeless, but their powerful attraction is simply too great. Fighting to overcome the ruthlessness of their society, Zac and Lyla learn that true love can overcome any obstacle, but not without dire consequences.

Shifter: City of Wolves is the first book in a paranormal romance series that features passionate romance, intensely real emotion, supernatural powers, and forbidden shifter love.

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4 Rating
*Advanced Readers Copy received in exchange for an honest review*

First off all I would like to say I adore this cover… it is so beautiful!!! Yeah I love to look at beautiful covers but I always choose a book a book with a good and interesting blurbs. This is the first book of the three books that tells us the story of Claire, Jackson and Alice. First I thought this is all about a love triangle which I hate to read but thankfully it wasn’t a love triangle but instead tells us the story of Claire, Jackson and Alice.

Now Alice, Claire and Jackson met at a very young age and both Claire and Jackson comes from rich families. Claire grew up with Alice and even though Claire had no money, Alice never treated her differently. All three became friends when they were kids and even though they were young both Claire and Alice wanted Jackson.

Claire thought knew, from a young age, that Alice and Jackson were meant for one another, so she always felt guilty for her feelings she had for Jackson. I mean she fell in love with him, but one day Jackson started looking at Claire differently. She kept that a secret because she could not lose her friendship with either than them. But during a party after graduation, Jackson and Claire end up together. Alice walks in and sees them but she runs out and the next thing someone screams that Alice is hurt and left in a coma. Jackson goes with Alice to the hospital and they both disappear from Claire’s life for ten years. Anyway Claire has moved on with her life and has become very successful. Then one day she heard that Alice is awake and both comes back into her life. But can she trust Jackson when he profess his feelings for her. He did leave and take care of Alice for the last ten years and never once tried to contact her.

I absolutely loved this book. The only thing I hated was the time jump between the first and second chapters.  As this is the beginning of a connected trilogy, this book ends with a cliff-hanger. This is the only reason why I’m not giving this book a 5 star rating. It’s not too bad, but there are things that need to be said and half-truths that have come out. I can’t wait for the other books in this series. I want Claire to feel worthy of love she deserves, and I want everything to be out in the open and accepted.


About the author

My name is Mari DenaeI am a married mother of three and publishing my first novel is a dream come true. As the nerd that went to bed with a flash light to read the books I swiped from my mom’s room, I have always been an avid book lover. My favorites are hot, alpha male heroes (think Kristen Ashley), suspenseful, romantic thrillers (think Sandra Brown) and poignant, sweet love stories (think Abbi Glines or Colleen Hoover). My plan was always to be a writer of some sort, but somehow real life responsibilities got in the way. Now, I am an accountant with a night time writing obsession.One Saturday afternoon, I took my girls to see the latest teenage movie. Four days later, I had read all four Twilight books. I was inspired by the innocent romance and ‘Edward Cullen’ (don’t judge). Once I found my way to Fifty Shades of Grey, I was a complete goner. All my spare time was spent reading, writing or blogging. After version one million, five hundred and fifty five of my series Reawakened , I’m finally ready to share it and hope that someone enjoys reading the story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. This one’s for my mother. I hope she’s looking down proud because I finally finished what I started.

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(10) hardcover copies of Reawakened Secrets (US/CAN)

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One thought on “Blog Tour with Review & Giveaway: Reawakened Secrets by Mari Denae

  1. Great review, Maryna! This sounds like a great read and very character driven too which is right up my alley! I like how well written the romance seems, too! Glad you liked it! 🙂


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