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Review for Finding Olivia by Micalea Smeltzer

finding-olivia-by-micalea-smeltzer-hiresFinding Olivia (Trace + Olivia Book 1) by Micalea Smeltzer
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 24, 2013
Genres:  New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: N/A


New Adult Contemporary Romance intended for readers 18+.

How far would you go to find yourself?

That’s the question that’s been haunting Olivia Owens for years.

All Olivia has ever wanted to do is live and make mistakes, but her preacher father has made that impossible. She believes that her years at college will be her ticket into the real world and her chance to be wild and spontaneous.

But she’s never been able to do it on her own.

At the start of her sophomore year, she only has four things crossed off her Live List, but that’s all about to change thanks to a chance encounter with Trace Wentworth. She’s about to learn that there’s more to this reformed bad boy than just his looks and panty dropping smile.

Trace can’t explain what it is that draws him to Olivia.

All he knows is that he wants to get to know the girl with the sad smile but sparkle in her eyes.

When she tells him about her list, he knows that this is his chance to get to know Olivia Owens. Trace is determined to show Olivia that she can do all the things she’s ever wanted to do. So, he begins to help her cross things off her list, even the more outlandish requests.

What happens along the way is more than what Olivia or Trace ever expected.

Love, laughs, and a list.

That’s the name of the game when you’re Finding Olivia.

Other books in the series
Book Two: Chasing Olivia
Book Three: Tempting Rowan
Book Four: Saving Tatum

*this series is complete*

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5+ Rating

Okay let me first say that I read this book only after I read The Road That Leads To Us. So where do I begin with this?

Oh my goodness I loved this book so much! I loved Micalea’s writing style so much! I adore the flow and feel of the books! I’m still swooning and my heart is still pounding from the story. Trace has wiggled his way onto my book boyfriend list. The story was totally awesome, but the main reason I loved about this book is because I can relate to a lot to Olivia. Olivia was given her cards she was dealt and instead of complaining about her life, she tried to make it better. Trace helped her make her live better. He made her step out of her comfort zone, several times actually, trying to complete the list she made. The characters had such a strong chemistry from the very first page and while they were still young, they did not act like teenagers in a relationship. This was such a refreshing book.

Trace was such a yummy guy. Tattooed, in to cars, down to earth (even if his rich), his a total gentleman; his the whole package. He was like a ‘knight in shining armour’ from the very beginning and he completely stole my heart. There was so much more of him. The secondary characters were also wonderfully developed. Which made me hope for more books on the other characters.

Finding Olivia made me laugh, made me tear up and made me swoon. I fell in love with Olivia and Trace and this book was just totally amazing. I did read this book in one day and I would reread this book soon I think 😛 this book kept me interested the whole time and I walked away with a new favorite book boyfriend and love story to tell my friends about it. I would do recommend this book to anyone. I can’t wait for more from this author!


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About the author

c0588141-6d6e-481a-a007-a5b95c6d122cMicalea Smeltzer is a bestselling Young and New Adult author from Winchester, Virginia. She’s always working on her next book, and when she has spare time she loves to read and spend time with her family.

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