Monthly TBR List for February 2016

This Month I Want to Read Fancy Final

Okay so it is another month of the year and another month of reading 🙂 So what do i have planned this month? Some of my choice might change by my mood but lets see what i want to read this month! This post is already on my Personal blog @First Dream of Booksfangirling

Anyway I’m planning to read this for blog tours:

  • Hidden Heat by Carla Swafford 
  • Unruly by Ronnie Douglas

What I’m contemplating about: <<<< These books I’m not sure yet.


  • Persuasion by Violetta Rand
  • Possession by Violetta Rand
  • Beautiful Burn by Jamie McGuire
  • Gemini Island Shifter series (Those would be re-reads: Just because i love reading this authors books.)

Anyway it might not be a lot of books to read but I am trying to take a slow year this year because I need to make time for my studying. Also like I said it might change with my moods i am very unpredictable when it comes to my reading moods.



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