HELLO…. I’m Back!!


Hello there my lovely bloggers I am finally back from nearly a two year hiatus 😦 off course Ash will still be on her hiatus for sometime. Anyway this blog has not seen any activity in a year which i might add is depressing but what can I say at a time my work and college was way more important than this blog. Yes I love my blog but as i said other stuff is more important than this. Anyway I’m not fully back yet as I am starting off very slow. 😥 I need to sign up again at all the sites that I tour at once again and everything.

Sometimes I wonder that maybe going on such a long hiatus was a good idea because I still feel like I have to many thing to do. I also need to get back into my reading schedule as I haven’t actually been reading any books lately 😥 I have been reading fanfiction so I need to find a balance between the two because strangely I actually like reading fanfiction….

Right now I am reading 17403601Feral Sins By Suzanne Wright…. It is a reread for me but it has been awhile since I read this novel and well I want to review it as I have not reviewed it before. I started with this book yesterday late at night and I’m only on chapter five so still a lot to go but I am jumping between reading this an fanfiction….. Right now I have to find a new fanfiction story to read..

Anyway soon everything will be back as it should have been a while ago so let me just get back into all the blogging once more. If you need to speak to me dont be afraid to leave a comment or going to my social media accounts as i will get back to you.

See Ya all later!!!






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