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Blog Tour ~ The Illicit Affairs by Brittani Mari

Today we have the blog tour for Brittani Mari’s THE ILLICIT AFFAIRS! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!


Title: The Illicit Affairs

Author: Brittani Mari

Genre: Contemporary Romance

How many mistakes does it take to ruin you? How many lies can a person tell before you see them for who they are?

Mia Johnson blew me away in more ways than I could count. Her body. Her taste. Her need. However, her poisonous past started to affect me, and I knew what that meant–what needed to be done. Still, I was never a man who listened to reason.

This time I should have.

My name is Wesley Black, and this story may be twisted, but this woman is mine.

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The club was beginning to grow extremely crowded. I noticed celebrities walking around. This proved Avery had been right. The Siren was one of the hottest new clubs in town. People were coming up the stairs, settling into various sectionsscattered around of the club. As the lights suddenly dimmed the music changed to a very sultry tune.

I took a sip of my drink while I finished texting Avery.

I might be leaving. Where are you?

The moment I hit send, I felt strong hands on my shoulders. I knew it was Wesley before hearing his voice. He gave me a slight kiss on the neck, taking the seat beside me. He casually reached for his drink.

“I think we have a dilemma.” He pressed the glass to his lips, taking a slow sip. “It seems my presence is needed here more than I thought.”

I looked around the club and nodded in agreement. It was filling up more and more by the second. When I looked downstairs, I noticed the bouncer turning people away.

“I would consider that a good thing, Wes.”

He gave me a tight smile. “I would like to spend more time with you, Mia.” He motioned toward a door in the corner. “Do you mind accompanying me to my office?”

I tensed at first. The thought of going into a room I hadn’t noticed before made me uneasy. Then I remembered I had offered to leave with him a few minutes before. The thought made me reconsider.

“Sure, I think getting away from all the commotion would be nice.” I stood from the couch. “I just hope you plan on letting me leave.”

He walked in front of me, pressing a code into the keypad on the wall. “Of course, beautiful.” He opened the door, gesturing for me to walk inside. “The question is, will you want to?”

I started to respond with a joke, but when I walked into his office, I was quickly at a loss for words. It was much more than I had expected. It had several flat screens mounted on the ceiling, displaying every angle of the club. He had a large, modernglass desk with a white leather chair behind it, several monitors sitting on top of the desk. There were also two similar looking chairs situated in the front of it. I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I noticed the large space had a mini bar, accompanied by twowhite leather couches. I looked around a second time, realizing I could see right through the walls. I could see right through his entire office. It was like we were enclosed inside of a large glass box. I gasped when I had a clear view of everything in sight. I couldn’t imagine how he got anything done. It felt like everyone in the club was watching us. I realized the office wasn’t secluded at all. If people could see inside, this was quickly turning into a terrible idea.

“Don’t worry, Mia. I promise you, they can’t see us. Why don’t you have a seat on the couch? I have a few issues I need to deal with,” he said with a hint of laughter, as if he could read my mind.

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xoxo Ryna


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About The Author

Brittani Marí is a writer and reader at heart. The genres she enjoys reading and the storylines she loves to create range from a sexy romance novel to fast-paced suspense. Her typical day when she isn’t knee deep in finishing a chapter of her latest creation or reading a book by one of her favorite authors consists of working her regular nine to five and hanging out with friends. The Illicit Affairs is one of her first stories she’s decided to share with the world, and she hopes you enjoy every second of it.


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