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Blog Tour ~ The Illicit Revealed by Brittani Mari

Today we have the blog tour for Brittani Mari’s THE ILLICIT REVEALED! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: The Illicit Revealed

Author: Brittani Mari

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About The Illicit Revealed:

Wesley Black was a man who was off limits to me for obvious reasons, but I moved closer to him anyways­­­–Indulged myself in his dangerous touch. Skillful hands. Sensual mouth.

Then reality slapped me in the face. My past suddenly snuck its way back into my life. The lies. The truths. The regret. The memories.

Sometimes you don’t really see the truth until it’s too late.

I can attest to that.

My name is Mia Johnson and this is not a love story.


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Catch up with the Series:

The Illicit Affairs


I walked over to her, already familiar with every inch of her face–her blazing green eyes, perfect nose, and luscious lips.

“They’ve increased the reward for my recovery. It appears I’m more valuable to Alek than I initially thought,” she whispered, turning to face me. “If they only knew the truth… Then again, they can only analyze what they’re given, and all I’ve ever given them was a lie.”

I wiped the few tears from her face with the pad of my thumb, looking into her eyes for answers. I felt her pain. Her confusion. I also didn’t miss how she said Alek’s name. I’d cringe every time she’d say “my husband”, but things were different now.

“I would do the same if I were in his shoes. A proud man will pay millions in order to reclaim what’s his.”

I pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear, trailing my fingers over her lips. She leaned into my hand, and when those gorgeous eyes met mine, I knew I was lost. I would do anything for her. She had me on my knees, and I wasn’t even ashamed of it.

“What am I worth to you?” she whispered, allowing me to pull her closer. “How far would you go to protect me?” Her brows furrowed and she slowly looked away. “How far would you go to help me?”

I paused. I knew she felt the way I stiffened. My short intake of breath as I mentally processed her questions.

What am I worth to you? How far would you go to protect me?”

Those questions were easy as hell to answer. Her worth was far beyond what it should’ve been to me. It exceeded any other woman before her, even my former fiancée. Mia was worth my destruction. The length I would go to protect her was far beyond what I considered possible. Still, the question that made me pause was the last.

How far would you go to help me?”

I gently pushed her away, holding her at arm’s length, studying her. I couldn’t focus with her being that close, and her question required my undivided attention. She wanted my help, unaware I was the root cause of her pain. Unfortunately, a confession of my faults didn’t have a place in our world, not even with our current positions. I had to play the role I was raised for, but her spell on me nearly made me lose that focus. I wanted honesty between us, but the only thing I could provide was empty promises. How could I help her when I was the villain? Or at least one of them.

The words leaving my lips pained me. Each lie. Each promise.

“What do you need, Mia?” I swallowed. “Of course, I’ll do everything within my power to protect you…”

She gave a weak smile, stepping into my embrace. I cherished the feeling of her body against mine. The scent of my body wash on her petite frame. The ease of us together, even though we both kept so much from each other. Even though we both knew the glimpse of happiness was just a tease.

I groaned when she shifted, her teeth grazing my neck. Her lips slowly trailed their way to my own. She paused before slipping her tongue inside, teasing me with what I already had a taste for. I allowed her to set the pace as we devoured each other, hungry for what we both knew was unattainable. We desired much more than what was available to us.



About The Author

About Brittani Mari:

Brittani Marí is a writer and reader at heart. The genres she enjoys reading and the storylines she loves to create range from a sexy romance novel to fast-paced suspense. Her typical day when she isn’t knee deep in finishing a chapter of her latest creation or reading a book by one of her favorite authors consists of working her regular nine to five and hanging out with friends. The Illicit Affairs is one of her first stories she’s decided to share with the world, and she hopes you enjoy every second of it.


Connect with Brittani:

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