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It’s Monday, What are you Reading? – 7 January 2019


This is a weekly MEME hosted @ Book Date   where we can share what you have been, and are about to be reading over the week plus whatever else comes to mind, you may as well just add to the post.  This is also a way to add to your growing TBR list :p if you find anything you like.

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Welcome to my first book MEME of the year. So this previous week I did some fanfiction reading and read some more of LOTR {Lord of the Rings} but when I got more free time i did some pc gaming. I like playing role playing pc games. Today is also the first time that I am now officially working on my blog again and I will also continue studying my short course further from today on as I did take a short break with the Christmas and New Years holiday.

What I finished recently.


I haven’t finished anything recently  😒 except maybe a few fanfictions and I dont review fanfictions on my blog. 🙄  Though I am nearly done with the first book from the Lord Of The Rings. 🤩

What am I reading?

No I can’t easily choose so I have more than one book I am reading right now. One book is an Horror book {I dont normally read horror books but I just wanted to read this book for a while now, I blame myself watching Ghost Adventure as they did mention this book in their TV Series.} Another is one of the Classical Fantasy books and another first for me is an Reverse Harem book that is also paranormal. Go check it out!


Up Next:

I recently went scrolling on Netgally so I have a few books that I would love to read and I did request a few ARC but lets see if I can get the books to read anyway I have two already ready to read. One is a romance novel by one of my favorite authors L.A. Casey and the other novel is a mystery/thriller. Can’t wait to start reading these books!!!

So now I want to know what are you reading??? Comment below and let me know.

xoxo Ryna

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