HELLO…. I’m Back!!


Hello there my lovely bloggers I am finally back from nearly a two year hiatus 😦 off course Ash will still be on her hiatus for sometime. Anyway this blog has not seen any activity in a year which i might add is depressing but what can I say at a time my work and college was way more important than this blog. Yes I love my blog but as i said other stuff is more important than this. Anyway I’m not fully back yet as I am starting off very slow. 😥 I need to sign up again at all the sites that I tour at once again and everything.

Sometimes I wonder that maybe going on such a long hiatus was a good idea because I still feel like I have to many thing to do. I also need to get back into my reading schedule as I haven’t actually been reading any books lately 😥 I have been reading fanfiction so I need to find a balance between the two because strangely I actually like reading fanfiction….

Right now I am reading 17403601Feral Sins By Suzanne Wright…. It is a reread for me but it has been awhile since I read this novel and well I want to review it as I have not reviewed it before. I started with this book yesterday late at night and I’m only on chapter five so still a lot to go but I am jumping between reading this an fanfiction….. Right now I have to find a new fanfiction story to read..

Anyway soon everything will be back as it should have been a while ago so let me just get back into all the blogging once more. If you need to speak to me dont be afraid to leave a comment or going to my social media accounts as i will get back to you.

See Ya all later!!!






New CO-Owner….


Hi there you fab book nerds! My name is Ash and I am the new co-owner of this blog. My best friend Ryna asked me to blog on here as she knows how I enjoy blogging. Ryna is now on hiatus so you will only see my blog post on here! I also have free rain to change the design and layout and stuff… Thanks Ryna!!! So later when I get home I will start editing banners and such for this blog, it is a new year so I am going to change a lot. Ryna is off on en extended hiatus so she wont come on her much.

All my reviews will first be posted to my personal blog First Dream of Books  then I will add them here. I will clearly state that I added the review on my personal blog when I type out the review here because it will be copy and paste action and no it wont be plagiarism because I am taking it from my own blog and this blog will be giving credit any case.

follow-my-blog First Dream of Books

A lot will change in the next few days… Not sure what all will change but some stuff will change!

Dont worry Ryna will be back later on she just does not have much time for blogging right now and she hasn’t had time for a while. I am new to this blogging scene so bare with me. anyway a little bit of info of myself… I have a passion for reading and photography. When ever Ryna is busy I would always go to my brother and talk to him about books (He loves me like that!) But he never understands what I am fangirling about so he told me to go make a blog. I did just that and now I love so much about it.

I love a good romance novel. I am a sucker for romantic suspense, hot and steamy, contemporary, and New Adult. I’m also a sucker for Paranormal of Fantasy books. I don’t read a lot of YA books anymore but if there is something I find, knowing I might like it then I would read it. Though I am extremely picky with what I read! Right now I am studying Creative Writing but that is just for fun and I am also studying photography and photo editing! Oh and if you give me an endless supply of books and coffee then you would be my favorite person on earth!

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy what I have planned!

Catch you guys later….

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The Life of a Book Lover

Welcome to my blog luvs….

This is my first blog post on this blog…. Now what kind of blog is this?? Well it’s easy this blog is all about books. Here you will see books that I reviewed, books that I really want to read and so much more fangirling about all those thousand books all over the world…… I would love if people recommend books to me because there are days that I would go in book slumps.I have blogged before but sadly the blog page that I had got blocked on the internet somehow and now I can’t enter that blog anymore…..17

Now my life as a book lover is so much fun because I can enter a world of imagination and dreams. If I did not read book then my life would have been very dull. The books I read also helps me to become a better writer because my dream is to become a professional author. These authors helps me improve my writing styles and techniques and one day if I keep shooting to the moon then I will be good enough to be a author. I’m already calling myself a wimagesriter because (and I’m pointing out the obvious here) I’m already writing short stories for fun. Now I might not post everyday reviews of books but I will try to keep all of you updated as much as I can. Tell me what you think of these books that I review about because I love to fangirl with you all ……

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