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Recovered Innocence #2

Beth Yarnall

Releasing February 23rd, 2016


Beth Yarnall’s sexy and emotional

Recovered Innocence series continues as two broken souls discover that keeping

their hands off each other is even harder than facing their demons.

Beau: Six years. That’s how long I spent

behind bars for a crime I didn’t commit—the murder of the woman I loved. Now

I’m free, but life on the outside is a different kind of prison. I don’t know

who I am or who I want to be. At least I have my sister, Cora. She never

stopped believing in me. She even got me a job at the private investigation

agency that cleared my name. And then Vera Swain walks into Nash Security and

Investigations and kicks my world on its ass.

Vera: There’s only one thing that would

make me come out of hiding after two years on the run: finding my sister. I

made the mistake of telling a monster about her, the same monster who beat me

and broke me. Now I’m forced to confide in Beau Hollis of Nash Security and

Investigations. He looks at me like he knows me—the real me. He sees too much,

makes me feel too much. The pleasure he offers is exciting and

addictive. But I can’t fall for him . . . because my love could get us both



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I don’t have much of value. I’ve left so many things behind that objects no longer have any meaning for me. I could walk out of this pay-by-the-week motel with nothing but the clothes on my back and I’d find a way to survive. It’s a skill that served me well as I got tossed from group home to foster home and back again, and then when I was finally spit out into the world with literally nothing. I left everything when I escaped . . . including my name. You don’t know what your limits are until they’re pushed past breaking. My boundaries have been stitched and restitched back together too many times. I no longer have a sense of what it’s like to be able to set my own parameters.
I’m working on that, but it’s slow going and meticulous. Mostly I stay isolated. Interactions with other people are kept to the bare minimum, unavoidable social necessities. I avoid eye contact and speak only when forced to. I don’t like what I see. You can tell a lot about a person by what lurks in the depths of their eyes. Every ugly thing they think and feel hides there. They smile, but it doesn’t pretty up the person they are inside. What’s that saying? Like putting lipstick on a pig. That’s what smiles are for me. People will smile at you while they hurt you. I no longer trust them.
Everybody has an agenda. I learned this from my mother, whose only plan was letting anyone who would pay her shove their dick in her so she could put a needle in her arm. I learned it from the foster families who accumulated children like part-time jobs, cashing in the checks they got for taking us in, then barely feeding us. And I learned it from the police who failed to protect, and the only serving they did was to their own self-interests.
I don’t know how long I can stay in San Diego. The need to keep moving rides me hard. I’m too close to where everything started and where it ended. Marie is the reason I’m here and the only reason I’ll stay for any length of time. I have to find her. Javier knows about her. I was too stupid not to mention her when I first met him. He’ll remember and he’ll use her to get to me, to get back at me. I can only fight him so far. I will never win against him. But I can try to outsmart him by staying ahead of him and finding Marie first.
Someone bangs on the door and I jump. No one knows I’m here. At least they shouldn’t know. I’ve been careful. But obviously not careful enough. I pull out my gun. It’s always on hand. I don’t have to check it to know it’s ready if I need it. At the door, I stand off-center and look through the peephole to see who’s there. My heart explodes in my chest and I sag in the corner between the door and the wall, breaking out into a sweat.
What the hell is he doing here?
He strikes the door again. “Vera!”
What does he want?
“I can see your shadow under the door,” he says. “Open up.”
I can’t make myself unhook the latch or answer back.
“I’ll keep your secret, but I at least need to know why I’m keeping it.”
I try to work up some spit so I can speak. How did he find me?
“The cameras in front of the agency picked up your Colorado license plate,” he says, answering my unasked question. “It wasn’t easy finding you.” His voice gets quiet, as if his face is pressed to the door. “I want to help you. Let me help you.”
I swipe the sweat off my upper lip. The gun is heavy and reassuring in my shaky hand.
“I didn’t tell Cora. I didn’t tell anyone. I promise. Please, open up.”
My feet barely support me as I come off the wall. I don’t know why I’m doing it, but I slide the lock back and open the door, staying behind it for whatever imaginary protection it can give me. Beau sidesteps through the door and into the room. He’s larger than I remember, crowding his big body into the small room. With the flat of his giant hand he closes the door. I hesitate for a moment before choosing the greater of two fears and slide the lock back into place.
His gaze goes to my gun. He shoves his hands into the front pockets of his jeans and acknowledges it with a jerk of his head. Other than that, he doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t say anything. We stare at each other, sizing each other up. I hope I haven’t made a mistake letting him in. A thousand questions sit on my tongue, but I don’t ask them. He said he was here to help. I need help. I don’t want to need it. But there it is. I don’t want to trust him, yet somehow I do. I think I should be afraid, but there’s nothing about him that drives me to run.
“Why are you here?” I finally ask.
“Is she really your sister?”
“You’re afraid for her.”
“You’re not going to tell me why.”
He doesn’t ask the question I would ask: Who are you? Because there’s no doubt he knows I’m not who I say I am. He could’ve called the burner number I put down on the agency’s form. Instead, he tracked me down. Was it only to show that he could do it, or is there another reason? Maybe he’s trying to prove to me that I can trust him with this gesture. He could’ve handled it so many different ways, but he chose to maintain my need for anonymity.
“Do you mind if I sit down?” he asks.




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About the Author

Beth Yarnall writes romantic

suspense, mysteries, and the occasional hilarious Tweet. She discovered romance

novels in middle school and hasn’t stopped writing since. For a number of

years, she made her living as a hairstylist and makeup artist and co-owned a

salon. Somehow hairstylists and salons always seem to find a way into her

stories. Yarnall lives with her husband, two sons, and their rescue dog in

Orange County, California, where she’s hard at work on her next novel.

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ARC Review for Predator’s Rescue by Rosanna Leo

Book Review

Predator’s Rescue
Author: Rosanna Leo
Series: Gemini Island Shifters #7
Genre:  Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy
Pub Date: February 29, 2016
Format: eARC
Source: Rosanna Leo


Tiger shifter Jani Fodor should have washed his hands of Fleur Bissette long ago. However, when she disappears from the shape shifter sanctuary on Gemini Island, he can’t forget her, and launches a fraught two-week search to find her. He thinks she’ll be grateful but the petulant she-wolf resents his intrusion in her life.
Jani recently liberated Fleur from a vicious cult of shape shifters, where she was brainwashed by the sadistic August Crane. The wolf shifter terrorized their friends at the Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort on Gemini Island. Labeled a “bad girl” all her life, Fleur knows she’ll never fit in with the good guys at the Ursa, no matter how much Jani tries to convince her of their regard. Besides, she can’t stay with Jani. Although he’s the closest thing she’s ever had to a friend, their chemistry is explosive in the worst way.
When a new menace arises, in the form of a vicious drug dealer with a grudge, Jani is adamant Fleur accept his help to rehabilitate her addict mother and remove her from the influence of her dealer. Fleur accepts Jani’s assistance but as they work together, friendship erupts into passion. Neither can deny their lust-struck spirit animals and before long, they realize their connection runs deeper than they ever expected.
Despite the threats posed by the drug dealer, the worst danger of all dwells inside Fleur. Haunted by the spirit of August Crane, Fleur is inundated by visions that torment her. She is consumed by guilt and plagued by old hostilities. Can this bad girl make good? And is Jani’s love enough to save her from her demons?


My Thoughts

Original Review on....**Received an ARC Review in exchange for and honest review**

Last year I discovered this author and I think that was the best thing I ever discovered. I have nearly read all of her books and I have reread this entire series twice now. So the moment I got a chance read the Advanced Readers Copy, I jumped for the chance. I absolutely adore this author and trust me I loved this book. I didn’t think I would like it that much because I really didn’t like Fleur in previous book but strangely enough I loved her.


This book focuses on Jani a Tiger shifter and a feisty and strong Fleur who is a wolf shifter. Fleur just got out an abusive relationship with a cult leader August Crane and she wants to finally change her life. She is now on a mission to save her mother. When she left on that mission, Jani didn’t like it so he went to track her down. Now that Fleur escaped August Crane she is now set on living her life on her own terms but Jani needs to protect her and he wants to help her but he wants to keep her safe at Gemini Island Resort. They wind each other up so much but there sexual attraction is nearly off the charts and it can’t be fought. They fight their attraction at first but thankfully they saw the light after a pushes from friends.


Jani saw something in Fleur that no one else saw including herself and he makes it his priority to make her see it. He wants to help her recover from the abuse she endured and he needs her to see her self-worth. Fleur wants to belong somewhere but she feels that the people in Geminin Island does not want her. Jani made sure to set her straight on that. Fleur became good friends with Elaine and Suzan and later the others on Gemini Island started trusting her as well. Even though August Crane is dead she still somehow got abused subconsciously by him. It’s like his spirit decided to abuse her and that nearly killed her if she didn’t have Jani to give her support then she might have been lost.

I really enjoyed this book. I would so easily reread this book along with the entire series again.  I loved that Fleur finally found an HEA. With all those emotions that she had to go through made her stronger. You know she earned her HEA. You can feel it. Jani was such a great hero and I really loved him. He was strong for Fleur and I think she needed someone to be strong for her. Everybody needs someone to keep them strong.


The ending was very tense and totally unexpected and I loved it. This is an absolutely wonderful book with so much emotions and sexy hot men. I loved every second of it. I cannot wait to see what comes next. I need to see what will happen to Barbi and Elaine. I want Elaine to be happy again because my heart breaks every time for her. I want both to have a happily ever after.










About the Author


5826852Rosanna Leo is a multi-published author with Liquid Silver Books, Hartwood Publishing and Samhain Publishing. She has her degree in history and literature, as well as in classical singing. Currently residing in Toronto, Canada, her favorite things are her family, dusty libraries, and Nutella. Rosanna loves it when the geeky, awkward girl gets the hot guy, and has made it her mission to see this happen in her books as much as possible. Rosanna’s blog is Her new contemporary romance Vice will be published by Samhain Publishing in summer 2015.


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