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MeCall me book worm…. call me a book lover…. shoot call me a book whore, I do not care because I can tell you right now I’m 100% a book whore. My love for books started when I was in school. I wasn’t very popular in school so books became my refuge…. I’m a sucker for a good romance…angsty, hot-n-steamy, funny, contemporary, YA, NA, erotica…you name it…I love ‘em all. I love to be swoon over book bf’s, swept away by swoon worthy hotties and all the emotions that goes into a amazing book. Most of the time I would end a book with a huge grin on my face that is if those books ended with my HEA….. What I hate the most would be cliffhangers but mostly I hate my favorite books to end forever, because I would love to have more…..

I could worship authors if that wasn’t very strange around non book lovers. I try to keep my fangirl in check around others but it is REALLY hard. My other loves would be walking around the roads and taking random pictures of the nature, homes, people…. I also love music and spending my time with my family…. My biggest passion would be writing my own stories creating new worlds – oh I might have a coffee and hot chocolate addiction ☺

Now the facts ~ I’m born in South Africa, I have two dogs and one cat… I’m quite and I love to observe. I always have a book with me where ever I go…. I am a other half of a twin and we are really close. I love to talk books with her even though she does not know whats going on……


My Co-owner

Let me tell you I have a passion for reading and my brother has asked me to stop telling him what happened in the books I’m reading at the time…. he said and I quote “GO TELL SOMEONE ELSE!” So that is what I decided to do 😀 You can call me a book whore because I’m addicted to books.  My love for books started when I was in school. I am to shy to make friends , that is why I like my books but I do like people watching! download

I’m a sucker for a good romance…angsty, hot and steamy, contemporary, and New Adult. I’m also a sucker for Paranormal Romance but lately more into the adult or New Adult instead of YA.  Right now I am studying Creative Writing but that is just for fun and I am also studying photography and photo editing. So on this blog you will also random photos and such because this blog is what i have a passion about and it is not all about the books. Anyway I go by the name of Ashling or Ash and like Ryna I am also addicted to coffee! Ryna and I met each other at a college study group as we are study the same thing.


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